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Francesco’s Way

The North way: La Verna – Assisi. The stretch Città di Castello-Gubbio


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Francesco’s north way leaves from the Sanctuary of La Verna and leads up to Assisi. It and includes 8 stages.

The central part of this journey includes three interesting stages: the towns of Città di Castello and Gubbio and the medieval village of Pietralunga.

Besides being an inner spiritual itinerary, this itinerary offers also a cultural and naturalistic experience. You will reach charming villages, enjoy breath taking views and meet friendly people in ancient rural environments. The whole journey will become an unforgettable life and travel experience.

From Città di Castello to Gubbio via Pietralunga alternative routes are possible: walking, biking or horseriding. You can choose the best way to get to know this part of Umbria

Città di Castello – Pietralunga

Information on Francesco’s way

 31 km length. difficulty: medium; white/asphalt-road signs: Tau yellow and yellow and blue horizontal and vertical street signals. Water sources are all along the route. You should consider a length for about 31 km, taking advantage of the stopovers along the way(Candeggio, Pieve de Saddi, Caigisti).

After about 6 Km from Città di Castello you arrive at the Trattoria il Sasso where you can buy food and water for your journey. From here you will start walking uphill until you reach   Pieve de ‘ Saddi.   The Church there is worth visiting because it was the first Christianization place of the Upper Tiber Valley. The messenger of the new Christian doctrine was a Roman legionary Crescenziano. According to the sacred legend he was persecuted and killed during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian and was buried in Pieve de ‘ Saddi. Over the ruins of a pagan temple a Church was built to house the remains of the martyr, San Crescenziano. Onother important shrine La Madonna dei Rimedi (Our Lady of remedies), is located along the path that leads from Pietralunga to the next stop Gubbio. According to the tradition, Saint Francis stayed there during his journeys from Assisi to La Verna.

From Pieve de’ Saddi the path goes alternatively uphill and downhill along cultivated fields and across small valleys. There are several areas to have a rest and be prepared to face the last uphill stretch that will take you to Pietralunga, a small medieval Umbrian village.

Pietralunga – Gubbio

Information on Francesco’s way

26,2 km length. difficulty: medium; white/asphalt-road signs: Tau yellow and yellow and blue horizontal and vertical street signals- Height difference…… Water sources are all along the route

Through pine forests and meadows heading for Gubbio you will walk on paved road in open countryside and with limited traffic. From there   you will see the plain of Gubbio down below. Further down you will reach Loreto where you will be again on paved road. Near Semonte you will see the source of the Pilgrim. Finally you will arrive at Gubbio and the itinerary will end in front of the statue of St. Francis and the Wolf in the Church of San Francesco.

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