The Truffle day 

Truffle hunting and harvesting in Umbria and in the territory of Pietralunga is possible all year round: in summer the “Scorzone” is harvested, in winter the precious White Truffle and in spring the “Bianchetto” or “Marzuolo”

Accompanied by an expert truffle hunter and a faithful well trained dog you will be led into the woods to experience the unique thrill of unearthing the most precious fruit on Earth. It will be a unique experience and will be still more exciting to find out how generous the sniffing of a faithful companion can be in capturing a smell, imperceptible to us, among grass and brambles.

Morning departure for an exciting walk through the woods in search of truffles lasting for about two hours accompanied by a truffle hunter and his trained and faithful dog. You will learn about truffle growing and hunting areas and about dogs’ training.


The hunting experience will be enhanced:

  • by a snack break, in an impressive corner of the route, to taste omelette and “bruschetta” prepared with the truffles harvested
  • visit truffle processing factories with brunch, truffle tastings and umbrian wines
  • buy the truffles harvested
  • learn some truffle-based recipes

The outputs are possible every day with favorable weather conditions

Booking no later than the day before

Minimum number of participants: 2.

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