The Carpina Valley and its memory flavours

An unexplored oasis located in the northern part of the Umbria region, on the border with the Marches and at a short distance from Tuscany.

The area is rich in history and traditions that can be also perceived among local people. Visitors can have pleasant stays days at the discovery of a new culture and a wild nature.

Through our itineraries we are pleased to give tourists the opportunity to learn about ancient traditions that we always take care to alive.

We are at visitors’ disposal to plan thematic tours, including history, art gastronomy and sports. They can plan visits from one day to as many day as they wish to spend in this unusual enchanting corner of Umbria.

Tour through the Carpina Valley

In this small Valley we can introduce you to small artisanal companies producing excellent handmade exquisite products you will taste: beer, liqueur, hazelnut cream, jam, pork products, cheese, saffron, flaxseed, the prized truffle and the potato from Pietralunga. Depending on the season you can watch or participate directly to the harvesting and production of the above products. For example from mid-October to late November you can participate to the harvesting of saffron in the open countryside; the activity takes place very early in the morning before the flowers open completely. Then during the cleanup of the pistils, you will enjoy a saffron decoction in the company of farmers; you can assist to potato harvesting in summer, pork meat processing in December and January and truffle harvesting in summer, from October to December and in March and April.
In addition you can plan visits to the various companies and craft shops in the Valley.
Craftsmen will show you their art in blacksmiths’, cutlers’, potters’ and farriers’ workshops.