Workshops for children



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The young potters!

A clay workshop for children to learn how to work this material. Giuseppina will teach them how to make simple clay objects such as classic jars or small amphoras with handles. Children can also create their own objects to give free rein to their imagination. During the two hour workshop the young ceramist can model clay with his hands to create a small artifact to take home as a reminder of his experience. Supply of material required.

Price per child, modelling only: 8 Euro

Price per child, modelling and baking (three days are required for baking): 15 Euro


Workshop from wheat to bread

The workshop from wheat grains to bread starts in the farm multimedia room, where children take a trip back in time by watching a short documentary film; the experience continues with a short walk to discover the secrets of organic farming, natural forests and livestock management.

The final step is at the Miller’s workshop to assist to the long cycle of processing wheat grains into bread, including: cleaning, sieving, milling, mixing, baking in oven and … tasting!

Price per child: 7 Euro


The Animal Garden

Short walk among the shelters for different species of animals on the farm

(marked by illustrated billboards):

  • The Hague, the pond and the poultry (geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, Guinea fowls);
  • the oak grove and the stye (for pigs);
  • the meadow, the sheepfold (for sheep) and the old stone quarry (for goats) with an expert guide that, step by step, as if by magic, will reveal the secrets of each of them;
  • Last but not least,  the paddock and stables (for donkeys and horses).

There children can “take part to ” to funny and unusual jobs: take hay and straw from the barn, give water, clean the harness, and enter the exciting world of horses: brushing, saddling, assisting to the blacksmith while shoeing horses.

Price per child: 6 Euro.


The Ornithological Museum and Nature Trail


Every morning from 10.00 am. A collection preserving over 300 species ranging from aquatic animals, birds of prey to the Wolf King of the Woods.
A guided naturalistic excursion through the “Nature Trail” in the oasis of Candeleto will follow Minimum number of participants 4.
Price per person: 6 Euro