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In the blacksmith workshop


Experience with the blacksmith Decades of practice, innate mastery, a workshop full of artefacts, a patient and careful master, this is the atmosphere you will experience by taking part in this experience. You will not only witness a demonstration of wrought iron working, but the master blacksmith will put material and tools in your [...]

In the blacksmith workshop2024-01-09T18:48:46+01:00



Walk in the wilderness Walks for everybody and in the most beautiful and interesting places in Umbria. If you want, combine it with a gastronomic stop and it will be a complete experience! Short walks (2-3 km): Excursion suitable for everyone, even the lazy ones! Medium distance walks (5-6 km): Easy walks, but which [...]


Bach flowers experience


Bach flower preparation Being in harmony with your nature: a path to Health and Happiness Well in advance of the discoveries of vibrational medicine, Dr. E. Bach understood that emotions and moods, although immaterial, have a great influence on mental and physical health. Years of research led him to prepare 38 Flower Remedies, [...]

Bach flowers experience2024-01-04T09:25:24+01:00

Oil tasting and picnic among the olive tree


Olive oil tasting and picnic among the olive trees An exploratory walk in the midst of nature will lead you towards the olive trees. Along the way, an interesting introduction to wild herbs and their benefits. Then a snack laid out under the branches of bruschetta with aromatic herbs with 0 cm extra [...]

Oil tasting and picnic among the olive tree2024-01-03T15:49:13+01:00

Herbal workshop


Collection of wild herbs During a quiet walk you will have the opportunity to learn to respect, know and recognize plants, shrubs and flowers that grow spontaneously. Together we will understand how precious the fruits of the earth can be and use them for our well-being. An experience that can be done at any time of [...]

Herbal workshop2024-01-03T20:51:22+01:00

A walk with the donkey


Walking with the donkey A sweetness that will accompany you for as long as you are in contact with a very nice donkey. The experience begins with the knowledge and approach, discovery of their world, their character. Then, once brushed and prepared for the walk, you will walk along the path surrounded by nature [...]

A walk with the donkey2024-01-03T20:52:39+01:00

In the old farmhouse – Traditional recipes


Do you want to relive ancient moments seasoned with taste and joy? Then do it in this rural setting made up of flavors and traditions: the old farmhouse!  Preparation of the "torta" The workshop will last about 3 hours and will take place in a large kitchen of a typical farmhouse [...]

In the old farmhouse – Traditional recipes2024-01-04T18:45:16+01:00

Picnic in the vineyard


Walk in the vineyard Free route with information boards in the panoramic vineyards and the splendid view of Assisi. A sensory experience to get to knowour region Wine tasting and picnic After a guided tasting of 5 types of wines you will have your picnic/lunch made of good Umbrian products: [...]

Picnic in the vineyard2024-01-03T20:54:10+01:00

Truffle hunting experience


Combining taste and curiosity? You can! Come for "truffle hunting " in Umbria and you will be amazed! Can you feel a scent? Yes, it is our truffles’ scent, it will fill all your dishes with taste and imagination. What about if you try searching for truffles yourself? You [...]

Truffle hunting experience2024-01-03T14:30:33+01:00

Paragliding flight


Fly with a parachute Here, at the Monte Cucco, the updrafts allow flights of the highest level in fact this is a very popular destination for all fans of free flight. You will fly in hang gliding / paragliding using updrafts and gliding over the park of Monte Cucco as the birds of prey that [...]

Paragliding flight2024-01-03T20:56:52+01:00
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