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A walk with the donkey


A walk with the donkey A sweetness that will accompany you for as long as you are in contact with a very nice donkey. The experience begins with the knowledge and approach, discovery of their world, their character. Then, once brushed and prepared for the walk, you will walk [...]

A walk with the donkey2023-09-06T13:09:49+02:00

Picnic among the olive trees


Picnic among the olive trees An exploratory walk in the middle of nature will lead you towards the olive trees. During the course, introduction to wild herbs and their benefits. A snack laid out under the fronds based on bruschetta with aromatic herbs with 0 cm extra virgin olive [...]

Picnic among the olive trees2023-09-06T12:03:15+02:00

In the old farmhouse – the recipes of yesteryear


Do you want to relive ancient moments seasoned with taste and joy? Then do it in this rural setting made up of flavors and traditions: the old farmhouse! You can choose one of the typical Umbrian preparations…or all of them if you feel particularly inspired! Torta sul Panaro The [...]

In the old farmhouse – the recipes of yesteryear2023-09-06T11:40:11+02:00

Picnic in the vineyard


Picnic in the vineyard A sensory experience to get to know our region. After a guided tasting of 5 types of wines you will continue with a walk towards the vineyard and there, with a splendid view of Assisi, you will have your picnic/lunch made of good Umbrian products: [...]

Picnic in the vineyard2023-05-29T14:17:18+02:00

Paragliding flight


Flying is magical, doing it at Monte Cucco is even more so Here the updrafts allow flights of the highest level in fact this is a very popular destination for all fans of free flight. You will fly in hang gliding / paragliding using updrafts and gliding over the [...]

Paragliding flight2022-10-27T14:20:17+02:00

In the cave of the Cucco Montain


The magical underground world of the mountains The Monte Cucco Regional Park, one of the eight protected natural areas of Umbria, is characterized by a still wild nature, a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. We are between Umbria and Marche and the panorama stretches from Monte Amiata to [...]

In the cave of the Cucco Montain2022-10-27T14:11:59+02:00

Boat tour to the Trasimeno Lake


Two experiences not to be missed by boat at  Trasimeno Lake If you like the lake, what better way to experience it than to sail it with a boat? Admiring, from a different perspective, the hills that frame it, the villages that lie there, the towers, the castles that embellish it, will give an [...]

Boat tour to the Trasimeno Lake2023-09-06T10:39:29+02:00

Forest Bathing


Meditation in the Forest The Pietralunga Forests are the ideal setting for Bagno di Foresta experiences Immersive experience to return to being human and harmonize your senses The Forest Bathing, born in Japan with the Shinrin Yoku discipline, aims to bring well-being to the participants through relaxation exercises and [...]

Forest Bathing2022-10-27T14:23:08+02:00

Walking with alpacas


Walking with alpacas The sweet alpaca, a relative of the camel, is a docile and very curious animal, it is not afraid of humans but loves company and peacefully walking alongside you. Funny in his appearance, he is very sociable and not dangerous even if every now and then [...]

Walking with alpacas2022-06-10T17:40:00+02:00

Pic nic on the grass


Spring is a special moment that pushes us to be outdoors and enjoy nature that is colored and perfumed, the hours of light rise and the temperatures become milder. The desire to be in the open countryside is inevitable and we give you the opportunity to do so in many ways. A blanket and [...]

Pic nic on the grass2022-06-09T18:44:18+02:00
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