Bio-weekend in PIetralunga

Do you want to rediscover genuine food? If you love organic products or if (for now!) You are just curious, this package certainly interests you! The prized truffle ... The scent of saffron... Organic hazelnut cream... All this and much more you can enjoy in this new adventure! Precious truffles, saffron flavours, hazelnut cream, [...]

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The white truffle and potatoes all-in-one event in Pietralunga

This is an ideal tasty experience for you Gourmets! The territory of Pietralunga is very rich in the precious White Truffle "Trifola", harvested in Autumn. But it doesn't end here! Moreover, this land is also renowned for the production of the famous white-paste potato awardedwith the De.Co certification (Municipal Denomination of Origin). We thought [...]

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Leaf peeping in the Carpina valley – Pietralunga forest

Who says that autumn is boring? Join our Leaf Peeping experience! Don't you know what it is about? We’ll explain it for you. Leaf-Peeping is a well known activity in the USA and consists in collecting leaves, while "to peep" means looking quickly and furtively, peeking. Through splendid walks you will be able [...]

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Boat trip and Umbrian white truffle

A peculiar excursion that combines the fun of land and the "sea" in Umbria. Yes, you got it right! Why not try it? You will not regret it! Where you will go Pietralunga Lake Trasimeno Programme DAY 1 Morning: 9:30 am in the woods with the expert truffle hunter [...]

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“Truffle hunting ” in Umbria

Combining taste and curiosity? You can! Come for "truffle hunting " in Umbria and you will be amazed! What you will do - Programme Arrival: Arrival in Pietralunga and accommodation in the facility; Pleasant walk along the ancient alleys of the medieval village; Return, dinner and overnight stay. DAY 1 9:30 am in the [...]

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Citta di Castello-Gubbio tretch package

The simplicity of the steps of St. Francis of Assisi... Come and walk his way! Where you will go Città di Castello Gubbio What you will do - Programme DAY 1 Arrival in the Renaissance town of Città di Castello. Visit of the Cathedral, San Domenico and San Francesco; [...]

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Three days with Art and Culture in Umbria: Perugia and Assisi

Do you want to immerse yourself in the timeless atmosphere of 7 centuries of history? Paintings... Sculptures... Ceramics... Fabrics... Goldsmiths... Do you want to discover all this and spend some time in Perugia and Assisi? Here is the perfect package for you! Where you will go: Perugia City of the sweet-tooth The Etruscan walls [...]

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Three days on horseback with a trekking itinerary

Your Destination With wild nature and genuine food In theCarpina Valley you can! Do you know where it is? It is exactly in the northern part of Umbria on the border with the Marche and a few kilometers from Tuscany. An oasis to be discovered where you will have an exciting experience together on [...]

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Cave of the 5 Lakes at Monte Nerone

Do you want to feel like real explorers? Then this is the package to choose, perfect for you to experience the thrill of discovery! The first explorers from the Speleological Section of Città di Castello travelled through the cave for the first time in the 80s. What they discovered is a real treasure: Wide [...]

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