Do you want to give Opera a chance?

Don’t be afraid but above all … it is forbidden to raise your eyes to the sky!

Don’t be afraid but above all … it is forbidden to raise your eyes to the sky!

Special evenings will be organized to bring the public closer to the opera in a pleasant way, thanks also to the help of professionals who will transmit beautiful sensations with their passion.

To facilitate listening and learning a guided video-listening will be prepared to explain in detail the greatest masterpieces of the musical theatre of all times.

The evenings are organized so that everyone can enjoy the elegance and class of the opera, even those who are not used to this type of entertainment.

You are not yet convinced and the opera continues to worry you?

Then read carefully the following words:





Do you feel such emotions?

Who doesn’t?

We all feel them, we are human beings and as such we are full of these suggestions.

So that’s it, opera amplifies and enhances these feelings by involving you with music.

Do you know?

You have more things in common with the opera than you might think!

It is no coincidence that for over 3 centuries the opera has accompanied the man cheering up his evenings before the advent of cinema, when everything changed and the opera remained in a dark and forgotten corner.

We only need to put aside prejudices and listen to the true professionals to realize how many emotions opera can transmit!

What should you expect from each experience with opera?

Very very much…

The main opera arias will be exhibited combined with the pleasure of refined food so as to accompany every masterpiece with taste.

The tastings will be based on truffles and wines.

You will fall in love with this combination of food and opera!

Two timeless pleasures revisited in a modern key …

Now you’re curious, aren’t you?

Here is an example of the evening:

One of the works presented will be the “Barber of Seville by Gioacchino Rossini.

On occasion of the evening there will be a menu with dishes from the “Gioacchino Gourmet”:

  • Rossini eggs;
  • The maccheroni of the master;
  • Truffle filled turkey;
  • Gugliemo Tell Cake.

Each dish will be paired with a wine from its land.

What are you waiting for to brush up on this timeless passion?

Come and discover the opera for everyone!

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To plane your day with this Experience