Tastings of our local products: wine, oil, cheese, truffle.


Wine tasting

Wine tasting in the cellar and in the vineyard Italy and Umbria are lands rich in vines, from which one of the products that has made us famous all over the world is extracted. Umbria has a long history of wine. Thanks to a favorable climate and soils, you will have important labels. We will take you to the cellars, to learn about the stages of winemaking and to taste the wines that will be paired with cold cuts and Umbrian cheeses.

If you want to appreciate the fragrance between one “row” and another, you can request the tasting directly in the vineyard.

Visit to the dairy and cheese tasting

Fossa cheese is a particular dairy product typical of different areas of Umbria. It is obtained from fermentation in a pit dug into the tuff after the ritual preparation of this underground environment and subsequent sterilization by burning the straw. Here it will remain for three months before consuming it. The experience we offer includes a guided urban walk in an ancient village to then first reach an ancient oil mill and then a dairy where you can taste oil and Formaggio di Fossa.

Visit to an oil mill and oil tasting

Umbria has oil among its most important products. Its excellent qualities, even beneficial, classify it among the best Umbrian oils whose organoleptic characteristics give it a particular flavor that is very reminiscent of fruit. It is very easy to come across stretches of olive groves along the roads or paths of Umbria that give the landscape a gentle aspect and a sense of peace. We will take you to the mills where you can taste their product and perhaps in the shade of secular olive trees. During the harvesting season, which is done by hand, it will be interesting to participate together with the producers.

Truffle tasting

After an adventurous search in the woods together with the truffle hunter and his dog, you can wash the truffle found and slice it yourself directly on top of the dishes prepared for tasting. Depending on the season, we give you the opportunity to appreciate the aroma and flavor of the different types of truffles: Black Summer Truffle, Black Winter Truffle, Bianchetto Truffle.


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