Tastings of our local products: jams, hazelnut cream, potato products, sour cherry and blackthorn liqueur, vinsanto and tozzetti, cold cuts and cheeses,  beer, wine and other traditional  recipes.

The tastings be on a whole day at a typical Umbrian farmhouse or at  some local producers, the excursion can be effected  on foot,  by bike or on horseback.

Wine tasting

Italy and Umbria offer a great variety of grapes, from which we produce one of the products that has made us famous all over the world.

Umbria has a long history of wine. Thanks to the favorable climate and the soils, impor- tant wines are obtained.

In Umbria there are many wineries, we will take you to a famous winery where you can taste important wines such as Rubesco and Sagrantino and others local wines.

The wines will be paired with cheeses, cold meats and other local specialties, all to be enjoyed in company.


Dairy tour to discover the production processes of dairy products and to learn about female buffaloes that produce excellent milk from which the renowned mozzarella, ricotta and cheese are made.  At the end you will taste dairy products  in recipes prepared for you by the family and served in the farm’s veranda surrounded by an unspoilt  luxuriant countryside.

Cured meats

Visit to a company producing sausages typical of the Umbria region, where pork butchery and processing are made  through traditional techniques, that  have  been handed down for generations. Delicious tastings of many products wll follow.

Itinerari gastronomici in Umbria
Itinerari gastronomici in Umbria

Autumn product harvest

Chestnut harvest  under centuries-old trees followed by roasting  them on the fireplace of a farmhouse. You will then eat them  accompanied by a delicious Novello wine.

Mushroom harvest in the woods together with experts who will teach you to recognize the edible species.

Participation in olive harvest together with the producers

Visit to the oil mill with and various oil tasting combined with other local products.

Participation in the potatoe harvest  together with the producers.

(Potato of Pietralunga certified De.Co.)


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