Meditation in the Forest

Immersive experience to return to being human and harmonize your senses

Meditation in the Forest

The Forest Bathing, born in Japan with the Shinrin Yoku discipline, aims to bring well-being to the participants through relaxation exercises and sensory experiences. The invitation is to leave the concerns and dynamics of an increasingly cumbersome everyday life at the entrance to the forest. The Forest Bath will lead through a deep guided immersion in the woods, to reconstruct the primordial vital relationship between Man and Nature and to give well-being and pleasure. The multiplicity of forest environments that offer a richness and variety of soils, lights and smells, combined with the possibility of a short and substantially easy path, allow to offer a sensory and relaxing experience that fully exploits the energetic power of trees and woods .

Take part in this experience in nature to feel better!!

cerca del tartufo in umbria


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