The fascinating sport of horse-riding blends perfectly with the wild splendour of Umbria.

Do you want to know the reasons?

Read on!

Only on horseback you can immerse yourself in the beauty of our region because and have the opportunity to admireunique views that could not be enjoyed either by car or on foot.

The unspoilt nature of Umbria will welcome you with its splendid wildlife: you can get close to deer, wild boars, hares, porcupines, buzzards and hawks.

If you are lucky (and even a little brave) you can also meet a beautiful example of a wolf.

Unforgettable moments are guaranteed!

How the equestrian day goes on:

Depending on your preparation, there are two possibilities:

1) For beginners (future riders):

The day will open with a special “briefing” for your first approach, so you will be informed about the 4 key features of the horse that you will have to understand perfectly to become friends and empathize with the animal:

  • Force
  • Fear
  • Tenacity
  • Sweetness

You will get to know the horse and feel the sensations that the animal will transmit you: its height, its heat, its tiny muscular movements, its gait and finally its being sensitive to your emotions (exactly, it feels everything!).

You will have the perception of being one with the animal that will clearly feel this sensation.

Consequently it will be more receptive to your commands and to your hesitations.

You will find that the horse is an extremely sweet and sensitive animal.

ou will begin to caress it and to clean its coat with a suitable brush.

The animal will appreciate it for sure!

Next, you will be helped to put saddles and bridles.

Then you will take the reins in your hands (literally!) and take the horse inside the riding stable: it is the space dedicated to the “dressage” where you will have the opportunity to climb over the animal and take the first steps.

After practising for a while, under the wise guidance of the instructor, you will experience the thrill of going trotting.

Don’t worry if you feel tired, it is perfectly normal at the beginning!

Time, commitment and passion:these are the basic ingredients to dominate the balance and learn the precise galloping technique.

As soon as you get off the horse, you will feel your legs aching (especially the next day!).

Don’t worry: the fun will be far greater than the fatigue!

Do you want another reason to put up with your body aching?

Here it is: horse riding is an exceptional sport to tone the whole body!

It is worthwhile, isn’t it?

2) For experienced riders:

For those who have a good familiarity with the horse, the briefing is skipped to “jump” directly onto the saddle for the riding stable test.

Later you will go out together with the guide your at the discovery of the routes in the woods and in the fields reaching panoramic peaks and splendid valleys.

It can frequently happen to cross streams.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, fun is guaranteed!

How long it lasts:

You can choose ridings for one or more hours.

Our proposals:

1)A few hours riding:

We usually leave at 11:00 am, after crossing outstanding unspoilt places, you can have a break in a isolated inn and taste the “torta sul panaro” , a traditional flat bread cooked on a round refractory stone heated on the fire.

The return is scheduled for 15:30.

Not enough for you?

Here is our second proposal:

2) Multi-day excursion:

For the most “experienced” we can organize multi-day excursions, with the possibility to stay in holiday farms and “dine” in trattorias or simply outdoors.

Choose the option you prefer and have a good ride!


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