Do you want to relive ancient moments seasoned with taste and joy? Then do it in this rural setting made up of flavors and traditions: the old farmhouse! 

Preparation of the “torta”

The workshop will last about 3 hours and will take place in a large kitchen of a typical farmhouse in a truly realistic atmosphere! Equipped with a “rolling pin” and a pastry board, you will learn how to make this particular bread that the farmers prepared almost daily to replace the classic loaf.


Cooking on the fireplace


The “torta” will be cooked under the embers in the fireplace, thus respecting the ancient tradition of local families. Listen to me! Follow the instructions to the letter…otherwise what tradition is it?


Then the “torta” will be filled and tasted as in the local tradition with cured meats and cheese and good wine with the compliments of the housewife!

cerca del tartufo in umbria
cerca del tartufo in umbria

To plane your day with this Experience