“The leaves look at the sun, they surely turn to him; they have no thoughts that mislead them; that’s why nature is so beautiful.”

Mario Tobino

Exactly, nature is beautiful, in every season of the year!

So, who said that autumn is the death of nature?

Simply nature takes a “break” so as to flourish more luxuriant than ever in the spring. Meanwhile during in the autumn it gives us the warmest and most beautiful colours you can ever see.

The Yellow.

The Red.

The Orange.

All these colours represent the declination of autumn that you can live with joy and interest through the Leaf-Peepingexperience.

What is it about?

Leaf-Peeping is a well-known activity in the United States. It involves an interest in the leaf while, “peeping” means “looking curiously”.

So Leaf-Peeping is exactly curiosity about leaves.

Very often this curiosity turns into a real collecting activity!

In fact people, highly interested in leaves, choose this activity to collect hundreds and hundreds of them in a disciplined and orderly manner. Each leaf is classified under the exact name of the tree it belongs to.

Do you want to try it too?

Autumn is the ideal season to practice this activity!

This practice takes place in the Appalachian Mountains during theIndian Summer (a period in which good weather allows autumn colours to reach the maximum intensity).

In Italy the Indian Summer coincides with the Summer of San Martino, when the rains stop to give us beautiful and clear days to be in contact with nature and experience the seasonal change.

If you want to be one of the “Leaf Peepers”, then come to Umbria in the Autumn Season to participate to these special walks.

You will not be alone, of course!

You will be accompanied by a naturalistic guide who, thanks to his/her knowledge, will help you recognize the different types of trees with the colours that characterize them at that particular moment.

The colours of autumn will surprise you …

You will have the opportunity to admire a beautiful scenery with warm tones, like a real palette with flashes of colours that will tempt you to make splendid photographic shots.

You will surely be proud to take them home together with your collected leaves!

You will be able to admire and see this season with different eyes and you will feel a little less nostalgic for the end of summer (depending on which season you prefer!).

The Leaf-Peeping experience is usually offered in autumn, however, it can be practiced all year round even in spring!

Spring offers completely different shades of colours: from the very green woods to the pastel shades of cherry blossoms, of blackthorn and hawthorn up to the intense yellow of the brooms.

After this experience you will understand how our region is an integral part of nature and why we are free and happy in the midst of its extraordinary beauty.

“Don’t forget that the earth delights in feeling your bare feet and the winds intensely want to play with your hair.”

Khalil Gibran


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