Truffle hunting and tasting

The unting of the Black Summer Truffle, commonly called “scorzone”, due to its rough and warty appearance, will accompany us all the summer, so that both the “truffle hunter” and his dog will be busy in the woods in search of the precious mushroom. Both are also waiting for you, who will surely be curious to participate in this particular experience, to convey their passion to you. The search done together with the expert and the dog is certainly something unique that will leave you speechless. The excursion will last about an hour through the woods and the walk will also be interesting from a naturalistic point of view. Once you enter the woods you will immediately notice the dog getting to work vigorously sniffing the soil until it begins to dig and its master will go to extract the truffle. Very happy, he will wait for many cuddles and his reward tidbit and then immediately get back to “truffling”. After the pockets are full … you will return to taste the truffle, even the one found!

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