The housewife will be your teacher…

Roll up your sleeves and listen carefully to the friendly housewife who will be pleased to give you the secrets of the traditional homemade pasta.

You can’t help but listen to her.
Take the rolling pin… without hesitation!

You will not only be spectators but you will also will be actively involved in the preparation of the dough following the gestures of the expert housewife.

The secrets of the traditional handmade pasta will be yours!

Let’s start!

Step 1: Cleaning.

The grain is cleaned with the “cylinder”.

Step 2: Milling.

The cereals are ground in the mill with stone mills and sieved in the buratto which allows to separate the different types of flour, white, whole wheat and bran.

Step 3: Dough.

On the “spianatoia, ” the pastry board, you then knead the flour and the eggs to obtain a smooth dough which must be rolled with the “rolling pin” with precise rhythmic hand movements.

Always watch the housewife!

Once the dough has the right thickness, it will be cut to make the different types of pasta such as tagliolini, tagliatelle, “zaganiotti”, pieces or strips … that you will enjoy for dinner or lunch.

If you do well … a diploma will be issued for you as a reminder of your experience.

Provided you the housewife is pleased with your work.


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