Autumn is the season of the very precious White Truffle “Trifola” largely harvested in the territory of Pietralunga.

From the last Sunday of September to December 31st it will be possible to harvest the white truffle not only in the woods of Pietralunga but throughout the Umbria region countryside.

Truffle hunters and their hunting dogs are already eager to start a new season hoping it will be profitable. The summer storms, according to experts, might have created the conditions for a good proliferation of this highly scented mushroom.

There will be a whole series of events linked to the Tuber Magnatum Pico, the restaurants will prepare delicious dishes and many curious and passionate visitors will decide to join the unforgettable magic experience of being witnesses to harvesting truffles from the underground thanks to the incredible flair of the dog.

Our territory is also renowned for the production of the famous white-paste potato, which, sown in the ground in the months of March until mid-May, since the end of June harvesting starts by extracting the first potatoes called novellas, to continue in August until the end of September.

The white potato of Pietralunga is rewarded with a De.Co certification (Municipal Denomination of Origin). Its particular taste and consistency are due to a very friable soil, rich in potassium, and to the location at over 500 mts above sea level. Potatoes will will be used to prepare the main dish … the gnocchi.

On 12th and 13th October the Truffle and Potato Exhibition in the village of Pietralunga will take place. Truffle products stands and other culinary specialties will attract and welcome many visitors to this medieval village.

“Il Bianco”, The white truffle considered the prized truffle par excellence, strongly characterizes our territory and enriches it with charm with other important events:

Città di Castello 4 0th National White Truffle Market Exhibition from 1st to 3rd November 2019

Gubbio and the National White Truffle Market Exhibition and Agro-food products from 31st October to 3rd November