Its colours …

Red purple …

Amber yellow …

Claret Pink …

Its perfumes …


Fruity …

Spicy …

Do you know what the above words refer to?

Then you are a true wine lover!

We have the perfect theme evening for you!

Prepare your wine glasses and immerse yourself in thousands of bubbles with our Sommelier evenings!

Are the glasses ready?

OK, perfect!

Now we’ll explain everything!

Our theme nights are held wherever you want, even right at your holiday location.

With the help of qualified professional sommeliers, you can taste the wine excellences from the best wineries in our territory.

As you well know, Italy and Umbria offer a great variety of grapes, from which we produce one of the products that has made us famous all over the world.

Our age-old experience in the production of wine has also played an important role.

Let’s take a brief step back in history:

We owe a lot to the Hellenic colonization of the 7th century BC for having introduced many of the grapes grown in our days.

The Greeks started viticulture and winemaking in their own land and then they spread these activities in other areas.

The varieties they had planted were afterwads collected by the Romans, who gave life to a product that immediately became one of the most important in Europe.

Now let’s go back to our days.

The heritage and wine experience that our ancestors left us has an immense value!

And we want to honour this precious heritage.

Here’s how we have thought to organize our Sommelier evenings:

There will be pleasant moments dedicated to everyone, both for enthusiasts and for those who want to get closer to the world of wine and learn about it.

You are not experts but are just curious?

Then you are welcome anyway.

We do not exclude anyone, not even abstainers … you never know!

Here is an example of a sommelier evening:

Option 1:

Tasting evening, “Classic Tasting”

The sommelier will explain the basic characteristics of each wine through various types of evaluations: visual, olfactory and gustatory.

He will also teach you the right technique to taste wine and the basic principles for food pairing.


Wine should never be tasted alone, never!

In fact, Umbrian wines will be paired with cheeses, cold meats and other local specialties, all to be enjoyed in company.

Isn’t tasting enough for you?

Then read on!

Option 2:

Sommelier Dinner

A chef will assist the sommelier to prepare a real dinner with a succulent menu created specifically for the event.

Every dish will be paired with its own wine!

Typical local recipes will be made to pair with every wine served, which you can enjoy under the watchful eye of the Sommelier who will explain the reasons for the pairings chosen.

What are you waiting for?!

Honor Bacchus and hurry to book your fun and tasty theme evening!


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