Ancient Roman roads…

Streams to cross…

The colours and scents of orchids and brooms…

Remains of water mills, witnesses of a past peasant civilization…

You have the opportunity to discover all this and much more with a pleasant walk in Umbria!

Trekking is the ideal sport if you want to admire the wild nature of this region with calmly and quietly.

Come and discover the panoramic views of the Upper Tiber Valley and the neighbouring high areas of theAlpe della Luna, of the Serra di Burano up to the limestone peaks of theUmbrian-Marche Apennines

You will be amazed for all their splendour!

Don’t you feel trained enough?

It doesn’t matter!

You can choose the route that suits you best thanks to an expert guide!

Here are the available options:

1) Short walks (2-3 kms)

Suitable for…

everyone, even for those who are not used to walking.

2) Medium-length walks (5-6 kms)

Suitable for…

those who have a minimum of training, for example, it’s fine if you are used to walking at least 1 hour a day 3-4 times a week.

3) Long-distance walks (11-12 kms)

Suitable for…

those who have a good training (sportsmen and athletes), in fact the itinerary is quite demanding: it lasts for about 4-5 hours.

Obviously the effort must be rewarded!

In fact, during the long-distance walk there will be a break for lunch in an inn or farm or with a delicious packed lunch.

My advice?

Choose the path that suits you best without overdoing it!

In fact, if you are too tired it will be difficult to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you while walking.

You will reach beautiful panoramic peaks with incredible 360 ​° horizons, archaeological areas and houses used as museums.

But it doesn’t end here!

During your journey you will come across historic churches and inns, where you can taste the dishes from our genuine local cuisine we are particularly proud of.

Here is where we perfectly and successfully combine trekking with food and wine.

Are you curious to find out?

Then book a “SpizzizZagando”!

It is an a trekking excursion including lunch or dinner that is usually planned in the afternoon but on request it can also be organized in the morning.

but on request it can also be organized in the morning.

There are 3 possible stages:

Stage 1:

It starts from a meeting point and continues towards the first stopover for a tasty aperitif.

Stage 2:

We continue the trekking excursion to reach the next stopover which is less than 1 Km away.

Here you will enjoy a main or a second dish prepared with utmost care and skill.

Stage 3:

At the end!

We set off again to reach the last stopover, which ends with a tasty dessert accompanied by homemade liqueurs.

The various stopovers will be at holiday farms or trattorias but they might also be at private homes where you will be welcomed with spontaneous simplicity and courtesy.

Everything is worth trying, tasting and admiring


To plane your day with this Experience