If you are fond of truffles (and also very curious about them), this beautiful experience is definitely perfect for you!

As you know, Umbria is very rich in truffles.

Thanks to Its particular habitat which allows an abundant growth of this precious fungus, fruit of our land, we have become famous throughout Italy.

Have you ever thought of being the “direct” protagonist of a truffle hunting experience?

At last, you can do it.

Then if you also love dogs the fun will be doubled!

Lots of tourists, driven by curiosity, choose to come here to live a beautiful experience while discovering the secrets of the fascinating world of truffles.

They won’t even miss some amusing moments with the truffle dogs. They are very fond of truffles too and offer performances full of tenderness and fun.

Here’s how the” truffle hunting “day works:

Make a little effort and get up early in the morning because this is an activity that takes place in the very first part of the day, both to avoid the summer heat and to make you live this experience in the most pleasant hours of the morning.

The expert“truffle hunter” will be the person who will accompany you throughout the excursion.

Insieme a lui ci sarà il suo “tartufaro” dog, who will be anxiously waiting for hunting because he knows he will receive a good ration of cuddles and delicacies.

He only needs a little patience and start “truffling”!

As soon as you start walking in the woods, you’ll see the dog sniffing around in search of that perfume that is absolutely imperceptible for us.

The truffle hunter will not lose even a second, even when he pushes through brambles and thick vegetation.

The dog will start digging vigorously as soon as he finds where truffles are: at this point also the trainer will start digging with his “vanghino” (a very small spade), using all his care and mastery coming from years of experience.

This phase is very important: it is absolutely necessary to prevent the dog from ruining the truffle with its nails or from eating it as a snack.

Here comes the magic moment.

Finally the beautiful truffle comes to light!

Now the moment of tenderness from the dog. Happy for having done its duty the dog will run to his master in search of morsels and caresses.

After a deserved reward, the dog resumes his search.

The truffle hunting experience takes about an hour and a half.

But it doesn’t end here!

You have two options at the end of the hunt:

The first:visiting a truffle processing company to see all the phases in which the various products are made.

The visit will be followed by a rich tasting for lunch with truffle-based delicacies!

There will also be truffle tagliatelle paired with Umbrian wines.

Interesting, isn’t it?


for a more “rural” alternative: you can choose to have a break in the woods with delicious bruschettas and omelettes stuffed with the truffle harvested.

What to say more?

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